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How to Use a Rear Bike Rack

how to use a rear bike rack

A rear bike rack allows every biker to maximize the bike’s space as it opens additional space for storage. This type of bike rack can allow many different options to carry things such as carrying a bag and other items.

But how to use a rear bike rack? The most popular way to use a bike rack is to use a pannier bag that will allow the biker to put so many essential items inside to maximize the capability of the bike rack. This article will list different ways to use a rear bike rack to maximize its usage for carrying bikers’ essentials..

Carrying a Backpack

One way to maximize the use of a rear bike rack is to put a bag on it. Whether it is on the top or the side, the bag can be securely positioned to allow you to maximize the space of the rack. And one popular usage of a rear bike rack is to use it to carry a backpack.

When biking for long distances, it is normal for you to carry a backpack to secure all the essentials needed for your ride. But, not all bikers like to put the bag at the back of their body because it can be tiring, especially when dealing with longer routes.

Using the rear bike rack to carry a backpack is one of the most popular uses that long-distance bikers do to maximize the usage of the rear rack. Since bike packs usually come with bigger space, they can carry many essentials that every bike packer needs during the trip.

But it is very important to secure the bike pack once it is put into the bike rack. Most bikers use a bungee cord to secure it by fastening it to the axle of the bike’s rear wheel. For safety, make sure that there are no hanging parts that can potentially catch up with the well.

Holding a Pannier Bag

holding a pannier bag

Apart from holding a backpack, a rear bike rack can also be used to hold a pannier bag and maximize the space of your bike for storage. Pannier bags are usually carried in pairs, and most of the rear bike rack usually comes with fixing points that allows the pannier bag to be mounted on the racks.

Since pannier bags offer a lot of space because they usually come in pairs, letting the bike rack hold it is one of the convenient ways to transport all the biker’s essential items to the biker’s destination. Pannier bags can keep essential items while providing excellent security during the ride.

Mounting a Basket

Another way to use the rear bike rack is to mount a basket on top. This usage is best applied to people who like to go to the grocery or go shopping. Putting a basket on top of the bike rack can make it easy to transport all the items you bought using the basket.

When learning how to install a rear bike rack, it is a must that the rack is mounted securely to make sure that the basket has enough strength to carry all the items you will put inside. A basket can offer a lot of space, making it possible to put a heavier load inside. But you must secure the basket by installing the bike rack properly.

Placing Items on Top of the Bike Rack

how to install a rear bike rack

If you do not like putting in additional bike accessories to maximize the storage space of the bike rack, that is understandable. However, you can still use the space provided by the bike rack by placing items on top of it.

Some bike racks are equipped with spring clamps that allow the clamp to secure anything that you put on top. The perfect items for this usage are a sweater, raincoat, and other similar items. A jersey, a rain jacket, or another piece of clothing can be secured with a spring clamp.

Riding With a Pet

Having a rear bike rack on your bike will also allow you to transport your most precious pet from one place to the other. But with this usage, you need a basket or a bag securely attached to the bike rack.

Many pet carrier baskets can be attached to the bike rack. This bike accessory is a basket that is actually designed to carry your four-legged friend with you on the bike. It will make your pet safe when transferring from one place to another or just roaming around the neighborhood.

Riding With Your Child

riding with your child

A rear bike rack can also be used to let your child ride with you on a bike. If your child is a lot older, you can let the child sit comfortably at the back so that the child can go with you on a bike ride. If your child is younger or a baby, you still maximize the use of the bike rack to let the baby ride with you.

If you have a toddler with you, installing a child bike seat mounted on the rear is the best thing to maximize the bike rack’s usage. It is the safest, most creative, and most convenient way to carry your precious child safely with your bike.


When learning how to use a rear bike rack, you can realize that it does so many things. Having a well-secured rear bike rack will maximize its usage and allow you to do so many things. From carrying essential items to carrying your baby while biking, these are the simple yet essential things that a rear bike rack can do for you as a biker.

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