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How to Wash a Bike Helmet

how to wash a bike helmet

The bike helmet is an essential accessory that protects a biker on the road. But the bike helmet also needs regular maintenance and cleaning to make sure that it is in top condition during the ride and will last longer than what is expected of its lifespan.

So, how to wash a bike helmet? Over the years, several bikers have found so many ways to clean a bike helmet thoroughly. This article will present some of the easiest ways you can do to maintain and clean your bike helmet properly.

Method 1: The Shower Method

When learning how to clean a bike helmet, it will be beneficial to learn something that is easy to do. This method is probably the quickest and easiest way to clean your bike helmet. In this method, you must bring your helmet to the shower for the cleaning process. The best time is when you take a bath after a ride by including the cleaning of the helmet during your bathing time.

The cleaning agent that will be used is shampoo. It is enough to remove all the dirt and the sweat that sticks on the helmet. But before applying the shampoo, rinse the bile helmet thoroughly in the shower. Then, apply the shampoo to the helmet and clean every part of it using your hands.

After cleaning the helmet using the shampoo, the next step is to rinse the helmet again. Make sure to clean it and remove all the shampoo that is in it. Then, let the bike helmet dry naturally outside.

Method 2: The Sink Method

wash bike helmet sink method

In this method of learning how to wash a bicycle helmet, you will use the sink to clean your helmet. This method is also an easy cleaning process, but the only difference with the shower method is it cleans the helmet thoroughly with the use of additional cleaning agents.

What to Prepare

  • Mild dish soap, brush, and vinegar

The initial step in this cleaning process is filling the sink with water. Afterwards, put the dish soap in the sink and the bike helmet. Use your hands to clean every part of the helmet. You can use a brush to remove dirt stuck on the surface. Make sure to use a soft brush to prevent damage on the surface.

If your helmet is already smelly, you can add a couple of vinegar drops into the sink. Doing this will effectively eliminate the foul smell of the bike helmet. Make sure to thoroughly clean every part of the helmet during this step.

After the cleaning process, rinse the bike helmet thoroughly using water. Make sure to remove the soap during this step thoroughly. After the rinsing process, let the bike helmet dry naturally on the outside.

Additional Tips

how to clean a bike helmet

Almost all bike helmet brands come with a product manual, and all the product manual also comes with directions for cleaning. So, if you want more information on cleaning the bike helmet, you need to read the product manual.

There is no better way to gather the right information for the cleaning process than the one coming from the manufacturer. If there is no product manual, you can check the manufacturer’s website to look for the same information.

Avoid Immersing the Helmet in Water for Longer Period

When washing your bike helmet, please refrain from immersing the helmet in water for a longer period due to the negative impact it may bring. Some of the materials in the helmet have the ability to absorb water.

So, if the bike helmet is exposed in water for a more extended period, the absorption may affect the adhesives used in the construction. Also, when saturated with water, the bike helmet’s foam usually gives a hard landing on the surface, which will be dangerous to the biker.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals in Washing the Bike Helmet

Do not use solvents or harsh cleaning agents when washing the bike helmet. Doing this action will bring more harm than good to the bike accessory. These harsh chemicals can attack the shell and the foam, weakening the bike helmet.

A good example is gasoline which can dissolve the EPS foam of the helmet. Instead, use several consumer products that are usually found in our homes. Most of these products contain mild chemicals that will not degrade the bike’s performance.

Do Not Use Washing Machine, Dryer, or DishWasher to Clean the Bike Helmet

Although some bikers are doing it, I will not recommend using the washing machine or any other similar cleaning appliances when cleaning the bike helmet. The reason? Usually, a washing machine tumbles or agitates the laundry during the cleaning process.

So, it is likely that the washing machine will damage the bike helmet during the cleaning process. The same thing may happen to the other appliances mentioned. Instead, rely on your hands when cleaning the bike helmet. It is proven to be more effective and produce better results.


A bike helmet also needs regular maintenance to make it last longer. In this regard, a biker needs to learn how to wash a bike helmet effectively. This article presented simple methods to clean the bike helmet. The cleaning process we presented only uses home products available in our home, so cleaning the helmet is easy and should be done regularly.

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