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How to Wear a Messenger Bag on a Bike

how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

Using a messenger bag is an excellent way to keep all documents and other important things while riding your bike. However, there are many bikers who do not have any idea of how to wear a messenger bag on a bike the right way. Since this vital bike accessory carries essential documents and belongings, it is only proper that every biker must learn how to protect the things inside and the messenger bag itself.

Our team will present some proper ways to ride your bike with a messenger bag safely and comfortably in this article. We will also show why a messenger bag is the best fit for every bike ride regardless of your purpose. Finally, our team will provide all the information you need on the importance of a messenger bag to a biker like you.

Why Use a Messenger Bag When Riding in a Bike?

There are many reasons why many bikers are using a messenger bag in their bike riding activities. All of it depends on the biker’s purpose of biking. For example, a messenger using a bike to deliver important documents and other things may use a bag to carry important documents and valuables. For sure, there are also other reasons which are enumerated below:

  • Bikers use messenger bags because you do not need to remove them every time you load or unload something inside. It provides a certain level of comfort, especially if you are picking and delivering items daily.
  • Messenger bags provide a sense of fashion with their different styles and designs. There are many types of messenger bags that fit the needs and style requirements of every biker.
  • A messenger bag can be easily carried everywhere if the biker is not riding the bike. Using a bike as a mode of transportation and you need to make multiple stops along the way, the messenger can still be with you safely even if the biker is away from the bike. It is much better than putting a bag on the pannier.
  • A messenger bag is more secured compared to other types of bags. You do not have to worry about locking it up all the time because the bag is always at your side.
  • This bike accessory is also the best place to put a bike light. A biker can use it as a place for a rear blinker if and when he is riding at night. The bag will help in increasing the visibility of the rider and can also be trusted if the biker owns multiple bikes as it eliminates the need to transfer the light from one bike to another.
  • The carrying capacity of a messenger bag is actually bigger compared to backpacks or any other bags. Messenger bags can carry a laptop, books, and other things that require large spaces.
  • Messenger bags are lightweight and provide easy access to all the things inside. As a result, you do not need to exert much effort in loading or offloading all the stuff in the bag.

The Right Way to Wear a Messenger Bag Casually on a Bike

why use a messenger bag when riding in a bike

Riding on a bike and wearing a messenger bag casually is a normal thing among bike commuters. The bag’s accessibility and functionality provide the best option for all bikers, especially in doing whatever they are doing. Another factor is the durability of a messenger bag and its ability to last longer, as most of them are made with sturdy materials design to withstand the challenging conditions outside.

For these reasons, it is also essential to know how to wear a messenger bag in three easy steps. Therefore, please check all the steps below:

Step 1:

A messenger bag is the best to use when wearing t-shirts, jeans, or cargo pants which is the usual wardrobe by bike commuters. This bike accessory will be a great fit when the biker wants to go for a short coffee break or running some errands. A messenger bag offers more security as it can be with you all the time while doing all the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Step 2:

If you are not riding the bike, wearing the strap across your body is the proper way to wear it. The strap of the messenger bag should be over one shoulder and across the biker’s body. In selecting which side of the shoulder, it is up to you to select which is more comfortable for you. There are different ways to wear a messenger bag, and it is all up to you to wear it as long as you are comfortable.

Step 3:

When you are riding on a bike, you need to rotate the messenger bag at your back, just like wearing a backpack. Doing this will prevent the bag from making you uncomfortable while biking, as it will be out of your way, thus making the ride more manageable and more comfortable. But, you need to make sure that the strap is tight across your body to prevent any unnecessary movement during the ride. I also suggest not carrying too many things as it might affect your comfort when the bag on your back is heavy.


Learning how to wear a messenger bag on a bike the right way is essential especially to bikers commuting daily. Whether its for work, doing errands, or any other related tasks, the messenger bag will be a big help to anyone. The messenger bag provides many upsides to the biker as long as it is wear correctly during the ride.

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