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How to Wear Cycling Shorts Properly

how to wear cycling shorts properly

After a few months of cycling, you have finally decided to level up by acquiring the proper clothing. Wearing those tight and specialized cycling jerseys will make you comfortable and enhance your overall cycling experience.

The only issue with these cycling uniforms is a lot of new bikers are not aware of how to wear them, particularly cycling shorts. So, we have decided to have this article to let everyone know how to wear cycling shorts properly. There are things that you need and do not need to do when using those cycling shorts.

How Should Bike Shorts Fit

There is a reason why you feel more comfortable wearing cycling shorts during the ride. The bike saddle is designed to work with a chamois, a pad sewn on the cycling shorts. The chamois will fit nicely into the bike seat, making you comfortable even if you sit for a long time during the ride.

The chamois supports your bone structure while providing cushioning in those sensitive areas of the buttocks. This specialized pad on the cycling shorts will also prevent friction which generally can cause saddle sores and friction.

Fortunately, there are many available cycling shorts to choose from in the market today. They all come in different designs, with the chamois built for different riding styles and sizes of the pelvic. However, there are things you need to remember when it comes to the proper fitting and wearing of cycling shorts. Please read below:

The Right Fitting

If you are trying for cycling shorts and liners, the most important thing to remember is to look for a size that will fit you snuggly. But it should be comfortable for you to move around in it.

In addition, the fabric should not shift against your skin as you pedal, while it should not also cut off the circulation of your legs. You will need to look for a size that will hug your legs without pinching.

Wearing the Shorts the Right Way

In my experience, no person instructed me how to wear cycling shorts the right way. But it is essential for you to know how to put them properly on you. Apart from positioning the chamois positioned snuggly against your skin, the fabric must be stretched and flexible without being droopy.

You will need to pull the shorts while placing the hand over the pad between your legs. Then, you can bend your right leg up while being out a little. You will then pull the pad and put it in the right place. You can proceed with doing it on the other legs and making the shorts fit nicely on your body.

Wearing Bib Shorts the Right Way

If you are wearing a bib short, there is also a better way to wear it properly. In case if you are not familiar with bib shorts, it is a type of cycling short with suspenders. Some cyclists like this short eliminate gathering on the waist while being more comfortable on the midsection.

Always be reminded that the straps of these shorts are built to be worn under your cycling jersey. Up to this day, I still see some bikers wearing the straps over the jersey, which is entirely wrong.

how should bike shorts fit

Chamois Cream Usage is Optional

In the good old days of wearing cycling shorts, chamois cream is essential as it helps eliminate the friction between your skin and the clothing of your shorts. The cream helps in reducing or even removing chafing that mostly happens during the ride.

However, with the advancement of technology, the pads in cycling shorts are built to be effective without the cream. In riding wet conditions, the chamois scream is also essential in adding protection when riding this type of weather.

Washing the Shorts Regularly is Essential

You will probably wonder why washing the shorts is included as a step in properly wearing them? Because failure to do so can affect the comfort when you wear it. When we sweat during the ride, it can produce a lot of bacteria which should be removed immediately.

These shorts can be cleaned using your washing machine and cold water. But make sure to have it line dry to preserve the life expectancy of the cycling shorts.

Do You Wear Underwear Under Bike Shorts

This part of the article is also essential information when it comes to wearing your cycling shorts properly. “Do you wear underwear with bike shorts?”. I have been asked this question a lot of times, and it made me realize a lot of bikers still are unaware of the answer.

No, wearing underwear is not needed when wearing a bike short. The chamois in the cycling shorts are designed to taper the moisture and dry quickly. The chamois also is made to fit snuggly to prevent chafing and friction the moment you start pedaling.

Unfortunately, wearing underwear will add seams that most of the time will be the cause of chafing. While the underwear’s fabric will be holding the moisture, making you uncomfortable during the ride.

Wearing underwear will also add an extra layer that can trap moisture while also increasing friction. Friction is not your best friend during the bike ride. So, I would suggest leaving the underwear at home.


Learning how to wear cycling shorts properly is essential should you decide to have those specialized cycling jerseys. There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing cycling shorts properly, and you must be familiar with it.

Cycling shorts are also an excellent investment for you as a biker. It is also a classical part of the cycling culture which means you need to be confident wearing them. And this can be achieved by learning how to wear it properly.

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