Bike Shepherd – Bike Registration and Stolen Bike Alert

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Register Your Bike With Us


Take a moment to register. Don’t put this off. It’s the most important thing you can do to protect your bike. Without the serial number your bike can’t be traced back to you if stolen. Find the serial number, normally found on the bottom bracket of your bike. (It’s where the two pedal arms come together underneath, near the big chain rings. Some bikes have serial numbers stamped in the dropouts on the rear. (Dropouts are where the rear axle fits into the slots).

Then add your other information. Add as much info as you can now while the bike is in your possession. You won’t have a chance to do this after its been stolen. After registering, you will get a Certificate of Registration for each bike. Keep this with your insurance documents. Check our FAQs

Had your bike stolen?

  • Register it now so we can publish details of it to the cycling community.


  • Now that you’re registered, actively protect your bike with a PULSE ID tag.