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The Best Rack Mounted Rear Bike Light for 2023

best rack mounted rear bike light

This article lists six of the best rack mounted rear bike light you can use today. We all know the importance of a rear bike light for your safety, as it enhances your visibility when biking at night and during the day.

We have tested several bicycle tail lights for the rear rack to find the most suitable one to help make the bike safe while on the road. Our team checks on the quality, functionality, and other features for us to find the right product for every biker. Check our recommendations below:

Top 6 Rack Mounted Rear Bike Light Reviews

1. BLITZU Cyborg 168T LED Bike Tail Lights

blitzu cyborg 168t led bike tail lights

Visibility is an essential feature of a rear bike light. And this feature is what this rack mounted rear bike light from Blitzu brings to the bike owner. This product will bring brightness to keep you safe while on the road.

I am impressed by the construction quality of this product. Unlike other flimsy products I have used, this rear backlight is extremely strong and durable. It also has a sturdy mount that can be tilted 40 degrees to let you adjust the light at your preferred place.

Also, this rack can be easily mounted on your bike rack or other locations in your bikes, such as seat posts and helmets, while installing it horizontally or vertically. During the bike ride, I noticed most of the vehicles at the back slowed down when I mounted this rear bike light on the bike’s rack.

The crucial part of this product is the rubberized strap that allows the light to fit snugly to any size or shape of the bike frame, fork or helmet with no tools needed. Since this can be easily mounted or unmounted, you can use this rear bike light from one bike to another if you own multiple bikes.

Lastly, this rack mounted rear bike light is USB-rechargeable. You do not need a lithium battery to light it up—no hassle of constantly replacing the battery since you only charge it up before a scheduled bike ride.

  • USB rechargeable; No need to constantly buy batteries
  • With 260 degrees wide-angle design to provide excellent visibility
  • Easy to mount or unmount
  • Built with 180 lumens of brightness
  • With a water resistance feature
  • Mounting straps are poorly constructed

This bike light for rear rack is for bike owners looking for a reliable rear bike light while on the road. It provides enough brightness to make you visible during the night. And it is easy to mount too. It also comes with various light settings to ensure you will be seen on the road.

2. SUNLITE TL-L505 Tail Lights

sunlite tl-l505 tail lights

This product from Sunlite is the most common budget rear bike light I have seen so far. It comes with 5 LED lights and features a reflector to enhance your visibility while on the road at night or even during the day.

I feel that this light is so effective because it combines the brightness of the light and its reflective ability. I am also impressed by the different light displays it provides, three flashing modes and one steady mode, which you can easily choose depending on your preference.

Also impressive is how it fits easily to the bike rack and is way better than the other post-mounted lights and reflectors I used previously. It is easy to install with the cells holding firmly in place so that bouncing won’t turn off the lights.

There are also two features that I am impressed with. First, since this rack mounted rear bike light is button activated, there will be no chance that the light mode will be accidentally switched when biking on bumpy roads. Secondly, this bike can be easily mounted or unmounted if needed, especially when parking where theft incidents are high.

Lastly, installation of this rack mounted rear bike light is super easy. It also helps that it all comes with two screws and bolts and a couple of washers to make it easy for you during the installation.

  • Built with 5 LED lights and a wing reflector to enhance your visibility while on the road
  • Made with a universal design to easily fit most standard rear racks
  • With customized flashing modes to provide various lighting options on the road
  • It comes with a complete set of mounting tools for easy installation
  • Includes free batteries
  • Brightness needs to improve

This product is for bike owners looking for a reliable rack mounted rear bike light. It mounts quickly and comes with impressive construction quality. It comes with multiple modes that allow the user to select the best one that makes him more visible on the road.

3. Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Lights

portland design works danger zone tail lights

If you want visibility, this rack mounted rear bike light from Portland Design Works comes with powerful light beams that make the biker visible during the night and day. It is a weather-resistant tail light that enhances your safety while on the road.

What I am impressed with is the light quality of this product. This rear bike light stood out in terms of brightness, making the biker quickly notice at night time. The random flashing pattern is visible, making me feel safer biking.

Aside from the brighter LEDs, this product is also built with lenses that direct the light output right where it needs to go to provide maximum visibility. The blinky modes also stand out and help the biker to be more visible on the road.

Also, turning the lights on and off is relatively easy, including selecting the flashing pattern. The pressure switch on the top of the light is very easy to access, making it easy to operate this rack mounted rear bike light.

Mounting it on the bike was super easy. It can easily slip on and off the mount to transfer from one bike to the other. It also comes with mounting equipment making the installation much easier than I thought. It also comes with free batteries.

  • Built with weather-resistant properties
  • It comes with three-mode flashing features
  • With a 50-hour run time using free batteries
  • It comes with free batteries and backpack flips
  • Includes UV-proof rubber straps for easy installation
  • The grip needs to improve

This product is for bike owners who consistently ride during the night. I feel that this rack mounted bike light has enough brightness to make you safer on the road. It’s a good rear light for tt bike, with three flashing lights that are impressive and are the best choice to make you visible at night.

4. BikeSpark Auto-Sensing Rear Lights

bikespark auto-sensing rear lights

This rack mounted rear bike light is arguably the most advanced of all the products we list in this buying guide. The auto-sensing feature, combined with automatic on and off functionalities, make this product unique from the others.

The best thing about having an automatic on-and-off feature is it helps you be safe when biking alone on the road and the trail. You have to press the control button to turn the light, and you are good to go. In this feature, the light will automatically turn off after a minute of inactivity and turn on when the bicycle is moving.

Additionally, this rack mounted rear light automatically gets brighter when you brake. But the best thing about this product is you can make the light blink by pressing the power button more than once. This rear bike light comes in four flashing modes but will light brightly when it detects that you are braking.

This product also comes with a USB rechargeable feature. With this feature, you will no longer worry about battery life since you can quickly recharge this light before biking. Additionally, it also means that there is no more use of bike lights, specifically at night or in the tunnel, worrying about battery life.

The quality looks very impressive. Thanks to its super bright LED and 220-degree visibility, it covers a long distance. This rear bike light is also built to consume very low power but still provides the brightest light to keep you safe on the road.

  • Built to increase its brightness when the full brake is detected
  • The automatic on-and-off feature allows easy usage
  • Made to provide excellent illumination with 220-degree visibility
  • Built with highly reflective reflector
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The mounting latch needs to improve in quality

This rack mounted rear bike light is for bikers looking for a more advanced bike light. The automatic features allow the biker to maximize his biking experience while enhancing the biker’s safety while on the road.

5. Planet Bike Superflash Bike Tail Lights

planet bike superflash bike tail lights

Apart from enhancing your visibility, this rack mounted rear bike light has what it takes to make your bike ride safe while on the road. This product has a universal design that makes it compatible with almost any bike.

The best thing about this rear bike light is its brightness and power-saving feature. Whether it’s a flashing or constant mode, you will get the best illumination as it runs up to 100 hours or 60 hours of use using two standard dry cell batteries.
In terms of construction quality, this product may be made of plastic, but it is not flimsy. It comes with a rugged outer shell to provide a water resistance feature. And it offers multiple mounting options for your convenience. You can mount it in the seat post or the seat stay mounts. The clip mount allows for multiple mounting options.

I also like the lightness, and the compact design of this rack mounted rear bike light. I also like that it has no moving parts making it very convenient. This product also provides excellent grip to prevent the light from falling off when biking on bumpy roads.

Lastly, this rack mounted rear bike light is so easy to use. It only has two settings but provides enough brightness to enhance the biker’s visibility on the road. You can easily mount or unmount this product to keep it safe while parking.

  • Battery-powered; Runs up to 100 hours of usage
  • Built with a rugged outer shell to offer water-resistance properties
  • It provides multiple mounting options
  • Made with lightness and compact design for convenient usage
  • Provides 1-mile visibility
  • Limited reflection

This rack mounted rear bike light is for bike owners looking for complete features. This product will get you quickly noticed on the road with its bright light. It is also simple and secure while providing multiple mounting options for your convenience.

6. Apace Apace Bicycle Rear Tail Lights

apace apace bicycle rear tail lights

This rack mounted rear bike light from Apace Vision is said to be an improved and upgraded version of a previous model. According to the company, this rear bike light has extra brightness and durability to make the user feel safer on the road.

I am impressed by the brightness and security this product provides to the user. As per the company, this bike tail light offers 100 lumens of brightness and seven lightning modes, enhancing the biker’s visibility when on the road.

This product also has one of the best construction qualities of all of the products I have tested. Since it is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic to provide waterproofing and impact resistance properties. The size may be large, but it is constructed very well, which makes this product unique and special.

This rack-mounted rear bike light also comes with a universal design. Whether a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid bike, this product fits easily and installs in seconds. With its mounting system, you can easily install this rear bike light in any strategic place on the bike.

This product also has extra accessories to make you and the bike more convenient. It comes with four silicone mounts and four mounting rings of different sizes to allow the light to be installed on different types of bikes.

  • With 100 lumens output to provide extra brightness and visibility
  • With seven lighting modes and an extra-wide 180-degree beam angle to provide excellent illumination
  • Universal design to fit different types of bikes; includes additional silicone mounts and mounting rings
  • Built with high-quality polycarbonate plastic to provide durability and toughness
  • It offers a quick and easy install
  • Mounting system limits versatility

This rack mounted rear bike light is for bike owners looking for a long-running light with excellent night and day capabilities. The brightness is impressive, but the lighting modes offer different usage depending on the current biking conditions. This product will make you safe by enhancing your visibility on the road.

How to Choose a Rack Mounted Rear Bike Light

bike light for rear rack

With all the options available, it can be challenging for a biker to choose the right rack mounted rear bike light. But there are factors to consider to find the right product. Please see below.

Power Supply Option

A rack-mounted rear bike light is either battery or rechargeable. Each of the power supply options has upsides and downsides. If you are using a rechargeable type, it is very easy to recharge the bike light, but this type is costly.

On the other hand, battery-operated bike lights are more affordable, and there is no need to recharge the battery every time you plan to ride your bike. The downside is that you will keep changing the battery once the power is drained.

Light Intensity

Another factor to consider is the brightness of the rack-mounted rear bike light. The light’s brightness is usually measured in lumens and will be your guide when choosing the brightness of the bike light.

Make sure to look for a rear bike light with enough light intensity to make you visible while on the road. But be careful in choosing the brightest one since it can also affect the view and the eyes of outer road users.

Lighting Settings

Another factor to consider is the available light settings in a particular rear bike light. Most of these products come with flashing or steady lighting. It is recommended to look for a rear bike light with multiple settings to provide versatility.

When a rack-mounted bike light is versatile, you can easily adjust the intensity of the light depending on the current road condition. The switchable light setting also allows you to choose a light setting of your preference.


The rack-mounted rear bike light design is also essential in giving the best light output from your bike. Look for a design that offers better light output and enhances the biker’s visibility when on the road.

Look for a universal design that allows you to position your bike on the rack and other parts of the bike. It is also preferred to look for a lighter and more compact design for convenience usage.

Other Related Information

The type of rack mounted rear bike light that fits your bike all depends on the type of bike ride you are doing. A simple bike ride only needs simple flashing, which means a rear bike light powered by dry-cell batteries is enough.

However, if you are biking on busier roads or biking at night, a rechargeable bike light and some of the high-end battery-powered rack-mounted rear bike lights suit well for your bike. Their lights are enough to make you visible during the night.


The best rack mounted rear bike light is essential to make you safer on the road regardless of the weather. It will make you visible from other road users during the night, resulting in a safer and more comfortable bike ride.

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