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Road Bike vs Mountain Bike for Exercise

road bike vs mountain bike for exercise
There is no doubt that bike riding can bring substantial benefits to your physical well-being. In fact, biking regularly can build strength, burn calories, build stamina, and even help you define shape and muscle tone.

However, there are many types of bikes you can use on the road, depending on your preference. This scenario leads me to compare which is better between road bike vs mountain bike for exercise.

If you are looking for cardio and an overall body workout, then a road bike should be an excellent option for you. However, if you are into muscle building and endurance training, then have a mountain bike for your bike riding.

In this article, we will discuss which is better between a road bike and a mountain bike in terms of their exercise benefits.

Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike: Which is a Better Workout?

Both the mountain bike and road bike are both great when it comes to doing exercise. These two bikes will let you move your body and brings substantial benefits to you physically. It is all about choosing your preference in terms of what bike you intend to use.

Road Bike: Excellent for Cardio and Body Workout

If you happen to have a road bike, then expect this bike of yours to provide excellent cardio and overall body workout. In fact, this type of bike is known for its amazing speed, which could help in improving your cardiovascular fitness.

The fact that road bikes come with some light frames, it will be easy for you to move them forward while giving you an inclusive workout. Meaning, the light frame and your ability to bring it forward easily can improve your fitness.

In addition, the lightness of the road bike can also help you conquer longer distances which means this type of bike can helo enhance your endurance. If you have an excellent endurance, the overall cardiovascular fitness and workout will also improve tremendously.

Lastly, the versatility of a road bike is also evident as it can be used in doing some personal errands. It is not only suitable for exercise but also riding around different places to do some things related to your work.

mountain bike vs. road bike: which is a better workout

Mountain Bike: Endurance Training and Muscle building

The main difference between a mountain bike to a road bike is its sturdier frame. This type of bike is built to navigate challenging trails and terrain and can hold a large amount of weight. With that said, using a much heavier bike can also lead to a more challenging workout.

When it comes to riding with a heavier bike, it will also challenge the biker to exert more effort, which means more fats and calories will be burned during the course of the bike ride. Especially if you are riding on rugged terrain, your muscles will develop while also enhancing your core.

A Mountain bike is an excellent way to build and strengthening your muscles. When you are riding the bike regularly, you will get the maximum benefits, particularly in developing your buttocks, thighs, and legs.

It is also an excellent way to build stamina, especially if your biking on a challenging terrain. When biking on a bumpy and hilly road, all the muscle movements and the endurance you need are part of the type of workout you get from a mountain bike.

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Speed

Another difference between a road bike and a mountain bike in relation to its fitness benefits is its speed. Usually, a road bike is much faster by 10 to 20 percent compared to a mountain bike due to a few factors such as its weight, the bike tire, and even the riding position.

If you are using a road bike, it usually lets you do an upright position sitting at an angle of 45 degrees to the top tube of the cycle. In terms of aerodynamics, the faster you go in this type of position, the more you gather speed.

Another factor that contributes to the speed of the bike is the type of tire use. The interaction between the tire of a road bike or a mountain bike called the rolling resistance can also affect the bike’s speed.

Usually, a mountain bike has a larger tire width and tread, which makes it slower as it has more contact on the ground. Mountain bike tires usually come with heavier and slower bike tires when compared to narrow and sleek road bike tires.

Another essential factor to consider that affects the speed of a bike is the overall weight. A full-suspension mountain bike can weigh up to 30 lbs, while a regular road bike will just weigh 17 lbs.

When it comes to the bike’s speed, every weight gained can definitely affect the potential maximum speed of the bike. That weight factor alone can make a world of difference when it comes to maximizing the speed of a mountain bike when compared to a road bike.


When it comes to comparing a road bike vs mountain bike for exercise, both of the bikes can provide excellent workouts to a biker. However, each bike provides different workout benefits to the bike rider with the way they are being built.

Meanwhile, the maximum speed of a mountain bike and road bike also differs due to how they are being built. With its heavyweight, oversized tires, and regular sitting position, the mountain bike is slower compared to a road bike.

Comparing the fitness benefits of a mountain bike and a road bike is an excellent way to find the right bike for you. Same when comparing the speed of the two bicycles, which are entirely different as it provides you a hint in choosing the right bike for yourself.

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