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Schwinn vs Nishiki Bikes

schwinn vs nishiki bikes

In the bike industry, several brands are manufacturing bikes, but only a few of them stand out to many bike enthusiasts. Two of these brands are Schwinn and Nishiki, which are known for producing high-quality bikes.

But what are the differences between the two brands? Comparing Schwinn vs Nishiki is an excellent topic those bike enthusiasts can discuss daily. This article will compare these two high-caliber bike brands in terms of features and other information to allow you to decide which is better than the other.

Features Schwinn Nishiki
Origin Chicago, USA Japan
Applications Racing Mountainous Terrain, Long Distance Travel
Price Expensive Affordable
Bike Specialty Road Bikes/Hybrid Bikes Mountain Bikes
Materials Used Aluminum/Carbon Aluminum/Steel

Place of Origin

When comparing Nishiki vs Schwinn bikes, the first obvious thing is the place they started their business. The basic difference between these two brands is in the places where they originate. Schwinn is an American brand based in Chicago, Illinois, with some German influence. Currently, the brand is under Pacific Cycle, owned by Dorel Industries.

But more than the origin, Schwinn, as a brand, is known to many bike enthusiasts as a maker of reliable and dependable bikes. The company is one of the few bike makers that focus on quality when making bikes.

On the other hand, Nishiki is originally based in Japan under the Kawamura Cycle Company umbrella. But in 2010, Dick Sporting Goods took over the brand’s ownership while incorporating the bikes’ selling to their retail shops.

As of today, the company has more than 50 bicycle models in its line. The company focuses on the comfort of the user when making the bikes. Some bike models come in various frame sizes to let bikers easily choose a bike that fits their body size.

Best Suited Application

You can also find the difference between these two brands in where most of their bikes are used. The Schwinn bikes have been a staple in many bike racing tournaments and other similar sporting activities. The Schwinn bikes are also known to be lighter and much easier to engage, making them perfect for bike racing.

On the other hand, Nishiki bikes are known to handle long rides and navigation on mountainous terrain. Thanks to its oversized down tube, which provides stability to the bike. The presence of a kickstand bracket also helps when you are resting.

Although Nishiki bikes are on the heavier side compared to Schwinn, their bikes still offer great value to the bikers. The bikes can handle any terrain and are easy to handle. Also, they provide excellent performance and value.


These two brands come in superior quality but differ in their pricing. Nishiki bikes are generally more affordable than most Schwinn bike models. In fact, Nishiki bikes can be purchased at $300 or below. For Schwinn, their pricing starts at $300 up.

Schwinn bikes are considered a high-end brand making them more expensive compared to their Nishiki counterparts. You can purchase a Schwinn bike for $1500 to $2000 each. The prices between these two brands are different, allowing you to choose a brand that fits your budget.

Construction Quality

Another difference between these two brands is the materials used when constructing the bikes. Most of the Nishiki bikes use aluminum and steel when manufacturing their bikes. These materials are known for their lightness and toughness when on the road.

On the other hand, Schwinn uses aluminum and carbon are the primary materials in manufacturing bikes. These materials are expensive, and the maintenance cost is also not cheap. But carbon can be molded and create various shapes, making it more expensive.

Bike Specialties

Another big difference between these two brands is the product line focuses on most of their bikes. I can say that the specialization of Nishiki is mountain bikes. Their mountain bikes are known for their durability, quality, and comfort.

On the other hand, Schwinn bikes focus more on hybrid, road, and other similar bikes used in racing and other sports competition. Most of their bikes are light and easy to handle.

Other Information

When it comes to biker expertise, these two brands need biking experience to allow them two use these two bikes easily. You need to learn how to operate Nishiki bikes because they are built with complex operations that ordinary bikers cannot do immediately.

On the other hand, using Schwinn is more complicated because you will need special training to use the bike properly. But most Schwinn buyers are experienced bikers who know how to use the bike properly.

The Nishiki bike is heavier than its Schwinn counterpart in terms of weight. One of the reasons is the materials being used in the manufacturing process. Nishiki bikes use steel and aluminum, which are heavier by nature.


In comparing Schwinn vs Nishiki, the most important thing to consider is the overall purpose these brand’s bikes bring to the biker. Nishiki bikes are perfect for regular bikers who want adventure since the brand’s specialty is mountain bikes. As for Schwinn brands, they are for experienced bikers and bike racing enthusiasts. Nishiki is for budget-conscious bikers, while Schwinn is for those with the budget to acquire an expensive, high-end bike.

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