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SRAM Code R vs RSC

sram code r vs code rsc

This article compares two prominent brakes from SRAM, the code R and RSC. We all know the importance of a brake on a bike in terms of safety and protection on the road. And these two are often compared with all their similarities in features and functionalities.

Comparing SRAM Code R vs RSC will let bike owners know their differences and what it brings to the bike. This article also gathers other related information to let every biker know what these brakes provide to every biker.

Functionality SRAM Code R SRAM Code RSC
Braking Power Good Good
Swing Link None Available
Price Less Price High Price
Modulation and Adjustment Good Better

Braking Power

Don’t get me wrong, but when comparing SRAM code R vs code RSC, there is not much difference in braking power. The difference will depend on the user and their experience while on the road.

As for the Code RSC, this disc brake offers a load of power, in my opinion. Proof of that is the consistent presence of this brake on notable and highly prominent bikes such as Enduro, DH, and even electric mountain bikes.

I am impressed by the modulated feel and the smooth progression you will experience in the brake’s power when you squeeze the lever. I also like the brake’s long lever, which allows every biker to maximize its power. You do not need to squeeze the lever too hard to get the best brakes.

On the other hand, you will also feel the superior power using the code R brake on the road. As per the company, the brake is built with the lever connected to an oversized piston caliper so that the brake can accommodate heavy demands on the road.

When it comes to the road experience, the overall power of the Code R is enough to allow every biker to do all the skids they want to do on the road. I am also impressed by the lever’s feel and its tool-free adjustment feature. I feel like this tool-free feature is a must for every biker.

Swing Link

sram code rsc
Sram Code RSC

A swing link is found directly at the back of the lever. This part of the brake connects the brake lever to the plunger to force the fluid through the system, activating the pistons and squeezing the pads together. This action results in minimizing the dead travel while offering excellent modulation.

A SRAM code R lever does not have the swing link that the code RSC has. With this unique difference, the code R brakes have a more consistent feel and a better modulation curve. Please note that the overall power does not change much with the presence of the swing link.


Another difference between these two SRAM brakes is the price. I do not have the actual price, but in general, the SRAM code RSC is more expensive or has a higher price tag than the SRAM code R.

The reason behind the difference in price is the extra features that the code RSC provides. The S in RSC is the swing link, one of the differences between these two brakes. The swing link is built to generate more progressive power farther through the lever stroke.

Another difference is the C in RSC, which stands for the adjustable contact or bite point. These extra features are the main reasons why code RSC is more expensive compared to code R. But whether the extra dollars are worth spending all depends on your judgment.

Modulation and Adjustment

sram code r
Sram Code R

In my experience, SRAM Code RSC feels better compared to Code R. If you want to improve your bike feel, changing from Code R to Code RSC is the best thing to do. Make sure that the pads are good and the caliper pistons move freely.

In addition, if you want a pure power increase, you can increase one size up with the rotors while changing the levers. The code RSC disc brakes will give you better modulation and adjustment. When it comes to power, the one with larger rotors stands out.

All About the SRAM Code Brakes

The SRAM code brakes, including code R and RSC, are the popular choice of all-new bikes with SRAM drivetrain. With these brakes, the bike can be ridden hard and fast. The code is considered the SRAM’s brake built for heavy-duty purposes.

The code is designed with a combination of various piston sizes that increase the stopping power. Most brakes also come with a large lever that allows a better feel and adjustment. The only downside is the larger calipers which prevent most of the Allen wrenches from reaching the bolt.

The SRAM CODE brakes come with various adjustments, allowing the bike owner to customize the brakes to fit the cockpit and the body. The bike owners are also allowed to adjust the lever position, modulation of power, and bite point.


Comparing SRAM Code R vs RSC will help every bike owner choose the right brakes for their bikes. These two brakes come from SRAM’s available set of brakes which are known for their effectiveness and safety. One is more expensive than the other. So, choosing between the two will depend on your preference and riding needs.

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