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U Lock vs Chain Lock

u lock vs chain lock

Using a portable lock is the best way to protect your bike while inside and outside your home. The safety and security of your bike from thieves and other threats will all depend on the lock you are using.

The U lock and the chain lock are portable locks that can protect your bike. But what is the difference between the two? U lock is best used to secure your bike on the street, while the chain lock works best at home. After reading this article, you will know the difference between a U lock vs chain lock.

Point of Difference U Lock Chain Lock
Practical Usage Outside At Home
Security Excellent Theft Security Ability to Secure Around the Bike
Ease of Usage Easily Fasten Around the Bike Ability to Secure to Bike at Once
Functionality More Mobile Offers Flexibility
Cost Affordable Expensive

Practical Usage

bike chain lock

Without a doubt, these two locks are two of the best locks you can use to secure your bike. But these two locks work best in different places. The U lock is best used to secure your bike on the street or the outside.

The U lock is also more portable and lights compared to the chain. On the other hand, the chain is much better to use when securing your bike at home or work. The weight of the chain lock makes it impractical to be used on the street.

Furthermore, U locks offer much better security from outside threats without sacrificing the practicality of their usage. If you try to enhance security with a thicker chain, you will lose the suitability of the lock because of its weight.


Regarding security, these two locks differ in how they secure your bike. U locks will need you to put the lock far away from the ground and reduce the space in the D-shaped area to increase its protection. If you do this technique, your bike will be protected from bolt cutters, crowbars, or any other tool the thief will use.

Meanwhile, the chain lock will allow you to use it around the bike. If the length is longer, you can secure two bikes at once. But the susceptibility of the chain lock to attacks is more significant compared to the U locks. What you do to eliminate the threat is to tighten the chain lock and keep it on the ground as possible.

These two locks offer different types of security but also have some issues if you do not lock the bike properly. However, you can solve these issues by simply filling up the space in the lock while keeping them from the ground as possible.

Ease of Usage

bike u lock

If you want to know what is better u lock or chain, you need to know how easily both of them can be used on the bike. U locks take pride in their lightness and stiff shape, which allows the user to fasten around the bike easily. The only issue with its shape is the difficulty transporting the lock when not used.

On the other hand, the length of the chain makes it easy to wrap around the bike as it gives many options to lock the bike. With its length, it also gives you the ability to lock two bikes all at once. Furthermore, chain locks offer a lot of flexibility, but their weight can be a problem when transporting the lock on the road.


Chain locks are known for their flexibility. You can use the lock to tie it under the seat or any other part of the bike. The downside of the chain locks is their weight, making it difficult during the ride.

As mentioned earlier, a chain lock also has the ability to lock two bikes at once. On the other hand, the way it is designed, the U lock will be limited to securing only one bike. Furthermore, when the object you are locking at is too thick, a U lock will not be the best option.

A U lock is lighter and easier to carry compared to a chain lock. Because of all the metal parts, the chain lock is heavier to carry around when not in use. For daily usage the U lock has the functionalities and features to be used for daily bike commuting.


It is worth noting that both locks are made of metals. But when it comes to pricing, the U lock is much cheaper because it has less metal and does need a padlock to secure the bike. On the other hand, the chain lock has more metals from the chain and the lock making it more costly.

Always remember that when you buy a U lock, you essentially buy an enormous padlock. On the other hand, a chain lock will need you to use a lock to secure the bike with the chains. This information makes it obvious the chain lock is more expensive than the U lock.


Knowing the difference between U lock vs chain lock will make you aware of the best lock to secure your bike. The U lock is the cheaper, lighter, and more secure option. On the other hand, the chain lock is much better for securing your bike at home.

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