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What is a Bike Fender

what is a bike fender

The challenge of biking is when it is raining, and you are still biking on the middle road. You can get wet with the rain, and your tire at the back is spraying off some water towards your back which is pretty untidy.

To prevent this from happening, bikers usually install a bike fender in their bikes. But what is a bike fender? Fenders or mudguards, as other people call them outside the US, are used to protect the biker from the splashing water created by the bike tire when the road is wet.

This bike accessory can be a very functional part of your bike once you are in a place that frequently rains the whole year.

What are Bike Fenders For?

If you wonder what’s that bike part covering the tire, you probably refer to bike fenders. Also known as mudguards, the bike fenders are designed to protect the biker from the effects of the rain.

But how? The bike fenders are usually helpful when biking on a rainy day. Typically, when biking on a wet road, it is normal for the water to spray off the tire towards the rider’s back.

What does the bike fender do if it is installed in the bike? If there is water on the ground, then the fender will cover and protect the biker when the water is spraying off the bike tire.

Installing the bike fenders, whether on the front or the back of the bike, will protect the biker from the water splashing coming from the ground. It will make the biker more comfortable in the very uncomfortable riding situation in the rain.

But to be honest with you, not all experienced bikers are keen on installing a bike fender in their bike. However, my advice is to consider adding fenders to your bike during the winter season to help keep the sand and the salt off.

If you are a weather enthusiast, who is always fascinated by biking when it is raining, having a bike fender can also bring substantial benefits to your biking journey. Fenders are also perfect if you are planning to ride on a very wet road or trail.

Over the years, the design and the functionality of the bike fenders have changed and evolved. Yes, they are still used by bikers to protect them from water splashes and mud coming from the ground. But, some bikers are using it to improve the appearance and the aesthetics of the bike.

This situation can be seen especially in those bike owners who have cruiser bikes in their position. In fact, having a bike fender with a color matching the bike is quite normal to upgrade how the bike looks.

Bike Fenders for Mountain Bikes

what are bike fenders for

If you own a mountain bike, the main issue is dealing with mud, especially when riding in wet and muddy trails. In relation to this issue, you will need a bike fender that will protect you from the mud, keep you dry, and help prevent the debris from your back and eyes.

In addition, a bike fender must be able to protect the biker from rocks, sticks, and other things that might be hitting you when biking on the trail.

Bike fenders that will be installed in mountain bikes should be of high quality. Meaning, it should be constructed with durability to make sure that it can withstand the difficult condition in the trail or terrain.

Apart from being robust, the fender must have a minimal design and be light to prevent it from disturbing the quality of your ride on the trail.

Bike Fenders for Road Bikes

If you own a road bike, there is not much option to choose when it comes to installing a bike fender. In looking for bike fenders for your road bike, you will need to find something that will fit your bike to help you be protected on the road. In fact, a snap-on bike fender can be an excellent option for your bike since it is easy to install.

They can be very simple and minimal in terms of design but can still protect the biker from water and grime spray. And the best thing about it is it is so easy to attach, and no tools are needed in the installation.

You can quickly install and remove the bike fender depending on your preference. In addition, removable fenders are also known for their durability and toughness but make sure also to do your part of maintaining and cleaning it all the time.

Bike Fenders for Urban Bikes

If you are using your bike year-round, then installing a full-length fender is preferred to ensure you will be protected throughout the year. There are many fenders available for urban bikes, but you must choose something built to last longer, especially if you’re using the bike for daily commuting.

If you live in a place that rains frequently, then the more reason for you to install a permanent bike fender is to keep you protected and safe from muddy water.


What is a bike fender? It is a bike accessory that will be installed on the bike to keep you protected from water splashes coming from the bike’s tire. Normally, if it is raining during your bike ride, the water from the ground will splash because of the bike’s tire.

Installing a bike fender will prevent the muddy water from splashing towards the back of the biker. This function is the primary purpose of the bike but has since evolved over the years as there are other bikers who use this accessory to improve their bike’s aesthetics.

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