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What Kind of Grease for Bike Pedals

what kind of grease for bike pedals

Bike pedals are an integral part of your bicycle. If you have new pedals, greasing them before installation is needed to protect the threads of the pedal and crank from corrosion. But what kinds of grease for bike pedals? Let’s have a look at some of the choices that can be used in this article.

Option No. 1: Bike Grease

This specific type of grease was developed especially for bike maintenance and repair. Meaning greasing your bike pedal should use this type of grease. Usually, high-quality bike grease comes with high shear strength, which protects essential parts of the bike, such as bike pedals under various extreme conditions.

Usually, grease made for bikes is heavier and best used in places or parts of the bike, which is often not seen. Bike grease usually keeps some important components moving, such as your bike pedals. It also helps in preventing water from entering into the bike component.

Option No. 2: Lithium Grease

It is a multi-purpose grease that is used for different applications, including greasing the bike pedals and other bike components. It is a common multi-purpose grease that can also be used on bikes and automobiles and for some usage at home. This type of grease is heavy-duty and can withstand heavy temperatures, and provide water-resistant properties.

I know a lot of bikers who are using lithium grease all the time for their bike pedals. Whether installing a new one or just doing some maintenance routine, this type of grease can help maintain your bike pedals and keep them in excellent condition.

I know a white lithium grease that usually comes in tubes and is used to lubricate trail bearing. This type of lithium grease can also be applied to your bike, especially on the bike pedals. And the best thing about this grease is its affordability which is suitable for bikers on a budget. Also, lithium grease is an excellent replacement if you cannot find bike grease. This grease has been used for car parts but has been proven to work well on bike parts such as the bike pedal.

Option No. 3: Marine Grease

If marine grease is effective in greasing stuff submerged in water, it should also be effective in greasing bike pedals. Marine grease comes with excellent water-resistant properties, which can be used on bike bearings and other components such as the bike pedals.

If you want to protect rust and corrosion in your bike pedals, then marine grease can be an excellent option for you. This situation is true if you are living in a place where it rains frequently and needs to protect your bike pedal and other parts of your bike are required. I have known a lot of bikers who have discovered marine grease as an effective lubricant to their bikes.

Option No. 4: Vaseline

You do not necessarily need bike-specific grease to grease your bike pedals. In fact, Vaseline is an excellent alternative to grease a bike if you do not have any other options available. However, vaseline may not be a perfect choice if your bike is constantly exposed to high temperatures.

For traditional greasing of your bike pedal, Vaseline can get the job done. But this lubricant should be your last option because it might not be as effective compared to other greasing products.

Vaseline is petroleum jelly that is mixed with soft wax to make it stick. Vaseline also has some lubricating properties, but the downside is that it’s highly flammable and evaporates under low temperatures. If you do not have any other option, this product can be used as the last alternative in greasing your bike pedal.

Other Types of Grease for the Bike Pedals

types of grease for the bike pedals

There are also other types of grease that can be used to grease bike components, such as the bike pedals. Please see below.


Polyurea is also a multi-purpose grease similar to lithium grease. However, this grease is used in higher temperature applications. Meaning this grease is perfect for bike parts that are sealed for a long time.

So, if your bike pedals are starting to create some noise while biking, this multi-purpose grease is an excellent alternative to reduce unnecessary sounds. This type of grease also provides water resistance features once applied to a bike part, such as the bike pedal.

Calcium Sulfonate

Calcium Sulfonate is another type of grease that can be used on any bike component, such as the bike pedal. This particular type of grease is perfect for bikes that are constantly exposed to water. So, if you feel that your bike is wet most of the time, this grease is an excellent option.

Calcium Sulfonate is the crucial ingredient in this type of grease since it is known to prevent corrosion from setting on the surface once it is applied. So, if you want to prevent corrosion from happening with any of your bike parts, consider this type of grease.

Molybdenum Grease

Molybdenum grease is used and applied for heavy-duty situations and applications. So, if you have a bike constantly navigating on bumpy roads and carrying heavy loads, this grease might be the perfect fit for greasing bike pedals and other components.

This type of grease can reduce friction significantly, making it an excellent choice for many bikers. However, this grease is not multi-purpose, so using it consistently is not advised.


What kind of grease for bike pedals? There are many options to choose from based on the list above. The different types of grease can be applied to the bike pedals and other components of the bike for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Each type of grease comes with varying benefits to the bike but has been proven to be an effective lubricant to a bike.

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