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What To Do If You See Someone Riding Your Stolen Bike

what to do if you see someone riding your stolen bike

Owning a bike brings substantial benefits to you in different aspects. Whether it’s transporting to and from the workplace, getting you around in other places, or improving your physical condition, the bike can help you do so many things.

However, as necessary as the bike is, this precious bike you own can also be a targeted item for theft and criminals looking for a quick buck from stealing your bike. With the bike’s popularity increasing during this pandemic, it is expected that bike theft is also prevalent in different places.

But what to do if you see someone riding your stolen bike? It can be the most awkward situation, but approaching the person can also be the best chance to recover your stolen bike. You can also do things to increase your chances of recovering your bike and still be safe in doing so.

How to Get Your Stolen Bike Back If You See It

Prevention is better than cure, right? Before dealing with what you will do if you see your stolen bike on the road, there are certain things that you need to do the moment you learn that your bike is stolen.

First, you will need to be familiar with your bike’s serial number. Having a record of the bike’s serial number is your best defense in dealing with bike theft. You can also register your bike to any bike registry organization and take a picture of your bike for documentation.

You can also file a police report and notify the authorities that your bike has been stolen right after you learn that it was gone. A police report can be your basis in the future once you accidentally see your bike roaming on the street and being used by other people.

You can go to the nearest police station, share all the relevant information about your bike, and have the incident properly documented.

But what if you see your bike on the road riding by someone? What will you do to increase your chances of recovering your bike without having to endanger yourself? Please see different options below:

The Right Approach is your Best Chance

how to get your stolen bike back if you see it

First and foremost, if you see your stolen bike on the road, it will be very unlikely that the thief is the one riding it. Most bike thieves are small-time criminals who just want to earn a quick back in exchange for the stolen bike.

Meaning, there will be a great chance that the person riding the vehicle is not the one who stole and is probably innocent. However, he is still has stolen property in his possession which means you can still do some legal actions against him.

You can directly approach the guy if you have a chance and tell him immediately that the bike he is riding is a stolen one. Then you can tell him that you have the complete documentation that supports your claim, including the police report, receipts, serial numbers, and so on.

Mentioning the police can be beneficial to you, but you can ask him if he can give the bike peacefully for you not to call the police. Should you encounter some resistance, you can either compensate the amount he paid if you have the resources or settle the issue in the police precinct.

If you just like recover your stolen bike, using this approach is the best and most peaceful way to get your bike back. However, it will not solve the issue of stopping or punishing the theft from stealing other bikes again.

Ask the Authorities for Help

The key to approaching someone who is riding your stolen bike is to be confident with yourself. If you cannot do it and fear for your safety, it will be better for you to call the police authorities and ask for assistance.

But make sure that you are also confident enough to show the authorities that the bike you have seen is indeed the exact bike you owned that was stolen. If you have already reported the incident to the police, the better. It will be easy for you to ask for police assistance if you already have the police report in your position.

Once you confirm that it is indeed your bike, you can have some distance from the person riding your bike and immediately call the police. You can provide the current information of your location and other details to help them locate your location.

If you find that the suspect moves, you can definitely follow him while also updating the police on your current whereabouts. You can also take the advice of the police authorities on what to do with your current situation.

Once the police are already in your company, you can now directly approach the suspect. Or you can also let the police do their job, especially in investigating the suspect.

It will be a great advantage to you if you already reported the incident immediately, right after you learned that the bike was stolen. If you did, it would be easy for the police to access the bike’s information, such as the serial number, picture of the bike, and other related information.

Whatever is the result of the investigation of the police authorities, you may or may not get your bike instantly. If they return your precious investment immediately, the better. You can also inform them that you always be available if they need some information or if they want to ask for other information from you. Keep your line of communication open.


What to do if you see someone riding your stolen bike? If you find your stolen bike, the way you approach the person riding can make or break in recovering your stolen bike. If you are confident enough to approach him directly, then find.

But if not, you can always ask the police for assistance to recover the stolen bike. After all, it is all yours without questions, and you have all the legal means to recover your stolen bike, and always remember that protecting your bike with bike locks is much easier than get your stolen bike back.

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