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What To Do With Old Bike Tires

what to do with old bike tires

When you say goodbye to old tires, most bike owners do not know what to do next to the old bikes. Some bikie owners will just immediately throw the old tire for garbage disposal. However, there are other ways you can do so that the old bike tires will still be useful.

But what to do with old bike tires? When it comes to old bike tires, there are so many ways to dispose of them properly. If you love the environment, consider recycling, repurposing, and donating old bike tires rather than throwing them in the garbage. This article will show how to dispose of bike tires responsibly and give them a second life.

Recycling Bike Tires

repurposing the old tires

Recycling Options Requirements
Municipal Waste Management Accepts Bike Tubes and Tires
Local Bike Shops Accepts Bike Tubes and Tires
Car Tire Shops Accepts Both Car and Bike Tires
Mail-in Programs Depends on the Company

One way to find another usage of old bike tires instead of throwing them is through recycling. Since rubber is known for its versatility, a recycling facility will accept your old tires for recycling.

This recycling facility will be useful in transforming old tires into valuable products that anyone can use. An old tire can be converted into flooring, playground surfaces, and fuel, and it even can be converted to new tires. Recycling is also an excellent way to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

You can check the local recycling facility in your area that accepts bike tires. Some of your options are listed in the table above. It is also essential to follow the guidelines when bringing old tires for recycling; some facilities will need you to cut the tire into small pieces.

The last option on the table is called mail-in programs. This option is your final choice if you cannot find a local recycling facility in your area. You can research these companies online and mail them their guidelines for accepting old bike tires.

Repurposing the Old Tires

Repurposing Idea New Purpose
Planters To be used for herbs and succulents
Belts To be used as fashionable belts
Dog Toys To be used for playing with dogs
Outdoor Seating To be used as outdoor seat
Swing To be used as a swing for kids and adults

Repurposing is an excellent way to make the old tires a second life. When it comes to repurposing, the bike owner needs that creativity to repurpose the bike tires. Some examples of repurposed old bike tires are shown in the table above.

A bike can be converted into a planter, where the old bike tires will be cut into small sections to be used as planters for succulents and herbs. Another idea is to convert old bike tires into belts. In this idea, you can cut the old tires into old strips while converting them into fashionable belts. You need to be creative in this idea by putting a buckle and adding some art and accessories to make it look like a real belt.

An old bike tire can also be converted into a dog toy. You can cut the bike tire into a ring shape and use them as a tug-of-war toy for your dog. You can also make the bike tire an outdoor seat by adding some cushions and upholstery.

Lastly, you can hang the tire from a tree or a sturdy beam and use it as a swing for kids and adults.

Proper Donation of Old Bike Tires

repurposing the old tires

Another way to use your old bike tires responsibly is through proper donation. If and when your bike tires are in excellent shape, you can donate them to charities and organizations collecting bike parts for repair. These organizations usually donate these parts to low-income families.

But how do you find these organizations? These organizations are located in local bike shops, community centers, or organizations. Some of these prominent organizations include Bikes for the World and World Bicycle Relief. These organizations collect bike parts and will donate them to those in need.


If you want to know what to do with old bike tires, there are many more responsible ways to do it than throwing them in the garbage. Old bike tires can be a nuisance to dispose of, but there are many ways to give them a second life, as shown in this article.

Recycling, repurposing or donating old bike tires are excellent options for reducing waste and conserving natural resources. As a bike owner, the best you can do is exert a little effort to properly handle old bike tires responsively and positively impact the environment and support charitable causes.

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