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Where to Put Bike Lock While Riding

where to put bike lock while riding

As a responsible bike owner, you must always secure your bike when it is parked outside. One way to secure a bike is to use a bike lock. However, many cyclists need help finding the right place for their bike lock when biking.

But where to put bike lock while riding? There are various options that a bike owner can consider in keeping their bike locked, including the bike frame, bike rack, messenger bag, and panniers. All of these options will be discussed below.

Bike Frame

putting the bike lock on the bike frame

One of the most common places to put a bike lock while riding is on the bike’s frame. If you have a cable or chain lock, you can have the option to wrap it around the top bar of the bike frame to make it safe and secure during the ride.

Many of the bike locks come with a mount that can be attached to the frame. An excellent example is the D-lock, which comes with a mounting system. This feature will allow the bike owner to bring the lock wherever the biker goes. The upside of this method is that the lock is always within reach and offers easy access when the bike owner needs it.

However, there is also a downside to putting the bike lock on the bike frame, especially if you are using a bigger lock. Some bikers may find that carrying the lock on the frame will make the bike feel heavier or unbalanced, affecting their ride quality.

Bike Rack

right place for bike locks

Another part of the bike that can be used to keep your bike locked while biking is the bike rack.
Some bike racks come with loops and hoops that can be used to attach a bike lock. The bike rack is an excellent alternative if a biker does not want a heavy lock on the bike frame.

You can use a lock holder that will be attached to the bike rack. After putting the lock holder, you can comfortably place the bike lock near the bike rack. In addition, there are also bike locks that come with hooks and looks that allow the bike owner to attach the bike lock with ease.

You can use the bike rack as an alternative if you do not want a heavier lock on your bike frame. If the bike rack does not have the loops or the hooks, a lock holder is an option, or you can research other ways to install it properly on the bike rack.


Using a backpack is the easiest way to carry and secure a bike lock while biking. The good thing about this method is that it does not matter the size of the bike lock you are using as long as the backpack can accommodate your bike lock.

Storing the bike lock inside the backpack is an excellent option, as it allows you to keep your lock with you all the time. This situation is essential, especially when you have many stops while bike riding. Just make sure that it is light enough when you start biking.

However, carrying a lock can be uncomfortable and inconvenient when using a heavy bike lock. There is also the tendency to misplace the lock while you are biking. If you forget that you put the lock on the backpack, there is a tendency that you will misplace it.

Lock Holster

carry and secure a bike lock while biking

Another option for a bike owner to safely keep a bike lock when riding is to use a lock holster. Some bikers prefer this method, especially those who do not want to carry the bike lock on the frame and do not want to use a messenger bag when biking.

Using a lock holster can also help prevent the bike lock from damaging the bike frame or any other bike parts. When a lock is carried on the frame without the holster, there is a tendency that the bike lock can scratch the bike frame’s surface.

A lock holster can also help deter bike thieves from taking advantage of your bike when you are not physically present. When bike thieves see the presence of the lock holster, they will think that your bike is properly secured and difficult to steal.

Bike Basket or Panniers

If you own a bike basket or pannier, you can also use the item to carry your bike lock while riding. This technique is the most convenient method for keeping a bike lock safe while riding as long as you are comfortable having a pannier or bike basket in your bike.

The only issue when using this technique is when your lock is too heavy. The pannier has limited space, while the bike basket may have greater storage, but the weight of the bike lock may affect the ride quality.

Cable lock

If you use a lightweight cable lock to secure your bike, you can be creative to keep your bike while biking. One technique is to wrap around your waist or shoulder while biking. This method may not be the most secure, but still, an option when you are using a light cable lock.


If you want to know where to put bike lock while riding, there are many options depending on your bike lock. Your choices will depend on the type of lock you own, your personal preference, and the length of your ride. Regardless of the method you will be using, ensure that your bike will be secured to prevent theft.

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