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Why Does My Bicycle Tire Keep Going Flat

why does my bicycle tire keep going flat

The tire is one of the essential parts of a bicycle. But when one of the tires goes flat, it can be frustrating to every bike owner since dealing with a punctured bike tire is challenging and will be inconvenient on the road. Dealing with flat tires is also a waste of time.

But why does my bicycle tire keep going flat? Several reasons and circumstances will make your tire flat, including being punctured by a sharp object and damaging the valve stem, among other things. All of the reasons will be discussed in this article.

Tire and Tube Wear

Among the usual reasons why a bike tire keeps going flat is the tire’s wear out. When your time is old and damaged due to aging, it becomes susceptible to tire flats. When your tire is old, it is usually low tread and weathered.

When this situation happens, the tire will likely get punctured frequently. In addition, when the tire you are using is not suited to the terrain you are frequently in, it often is likely that the tire will get a puncture during the ride.

Another reason for the flat tire is tube wear. If you have been using the tube for quite a while, it has likely been exposed to challenging conditions making it susceptible to punctures. If the tube’s rubber quality has deteriorated due to aging, expect the tire to be flat frequently.

Rim Issues

rim issues flat tire

Another reason that will make the bike tire flat is rim deformation. This issue can cause an area of the tire to bulge, which eventually can cause a puncture. The reason behind it is that a deformed rim will not be able to hold the tire snugly.

This situation can create a space between the rim and the tire, exposing the tire’s inner tube. Once this happens, the tire will be more susceptible to getting poked and eventually flattened.

So, if you are a bike owner, you must be vigilant about the current condition of your bike’s rim. You can inspect the rim periodically for any dents, bents, or even cracks that can affect the tire and will eventually make it flat.

Pinching Issues

Another reason that a bike tire becomes flat is the pinching issue. Most of the pinching problems are unintentional in nature, but you must be aware that they happen most of the time without the bike owner knowing it.

There will be a time when the tire will get entangled between the brake and the rim. When this situation happens, it can pinch the tube sharply, which can cause a cut in it. If it happens, it can result in a flat tire.

Another unintentional situation that may happen is when you are changing the tire. There is a tendency that the level will poke the tube while deflating it. This issue is called pinching, which can unintentionally deflate and flatten your tire.

Pinching the tube usually happens to new bike owners or even mechanics. Unfortunately, this unintentional mistake can leave your bike tire deflated or flat. To avoid this issue, you need to ensure that you have the right tools when changing the bike tire.

Tire Air Pressure Problems

tire air pressure problems

Putting less or more air pressure can cause issues that may deflate or make your tire flat. An under-inflated tire will be prone to going flat even with the slightest impact on the road. When a bike tire that lacks air pressure bumps on obstacles, it can bottom out against the rim and can make the tire flat.

On the other hand, when the tire is overinflated, it can also damage and make the tire flat. When the air pressure is more than expected, it can bloat up the inner tube as it stretches beyond its limit. Once this situation happens, it will make the tube walls thin, which makes the tire prone to punctures even with the smallest poke.

Sharp Objects

Last but not least, sharp objects found on the road are one of the reasons for your bike’s tire being flat. It is the most obvious reason your tire is flat on the road. These objects, incles nails, thorns, pebbles and even small pieces of glass can damage your bike’s tire and make it flat.

Why Do Bike Tires Go Flat When Not in Use

why do bike tires go flat when not in use

Another frustrating situation you may experience is a flat tire, even if the bike is only used for a short time. Bike tires flat after storage is, unfortunately, a normal occurrence for a number of reasons.

First, the tire gets flat over time when the bike is not in use due to the penetrability of the bike tube. This situation is comparable to a balloon that diffuses over time, even if not in use. The tire will consistently lose air every day because of the ability of the air molecules to get their way out through the tire’s tube. It may not have as much air pressure that will come out but expect when it happens consistently, the tire will eventually get flat.

On the other hand, when your tire is tubeless, the reason for getting a flat tire, even if the bike is in storage, is the leakage of the sealant. When the air pressure in the tire reduces, the seal between the tire and the rim will be less efficient, which makes more air escape from the tire.


If you are asking why does my bicycle tire keep going flat, some of the reasons are stated in this article. When you are on the road, the tire’s tendency to get flat is high, but the tire will also have the same situation even if it is not used for a long time. In summary, bike tires going flat is normal, and you should be prepared, as a bike owner, to always face this issue.

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