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Why Does my Bottom Bracket Click

why does my bottom bracket click

As a biker, you want to maximize your riding experience on the road while enjoying the serenity and the beautiful view along the way. However, when you begin hearing unusual noises and clicking from the different parts of your bike, it can affect and bother you in many ways.

In my years of experience as a biker, there was a time that I asked why does my bottom bracket click. When you hear clicking sounds coming from this part of the bike, it is a sign that there is a problem in that part of your bike. What are the reasons? Let us find out below.

Oversized Bottom Bracket Bearings

An oversized bottom bracket bearing setup can cause the bottom bracket to produce a clicking sound. When the bearing is the main culprit, you will usually hear these clicking sounds during dry days.

When the crank arms start to rotate, you will notice that the bottom bracket will begin making noise. The reason behind it is the axle oscillation surrounding the bearings. In this situation, the grease inside has already been washed out of the many contact points, which results in producing a clicking sound.

Also, when there is so much movement in the bottom bracket coupled with so many contact points, it provides a more complicated setup. With these complications, the bottom bracket will likely produce a clicking sound.

But how do you eliminate the clicking sound caused by oversized bottom bracket bearing? If you want to fix it alone, you can start by taking the crank off to ensure that the bearings are smooth.

Then, you can start greasing the axle and the surfaces in the bottom bracket. You can put it back together but make sure to torque it according to what the manufacturer prefers. It is also essential to check the 24mm to 30 mm converter if the bottom bracket has one. Check if this part has dried out, and make sure to clean and grease them if they do.

Other Bottom Bracket Issues

When you hear a clicking sound, it is probably because of issues in the bottom bracket bearings. To check if the bearings are the problem, you can pull them out while trying to spin them with your hands.

If you heard all the clicking sounds, then that will confirm that the bottom bracket has issues. If you have the resources, you can replace the old bracket with a new one to immediately solve the problem.

The bottom bracket usually develops clicking or squeaking sounds quickly, especially when they are cartridges. The best thing to do is replace them when they are old enough to be disposed of. A specific type of torque is also needed for the frame to make them work perfectly.

Other Parts of the Bike Can Produce a Clicking Sound

It is not only the bottom bracket that can produce a clicking sound but also other parts surrounding it. But all the noises coming from the bike can be misleading. So, to fix and eliminate the noise, you must first locate where it is coming from.

Diagnosing a clicking sound can be a challenge and deceiving too. These sounds can also produce an echo that will make the noise heard in one area but is coming from different locations in the bike.

For instance, I have experienced the same clicking noise which I thought was coming from the cranks or the chainset. After taking it all apart for cleaning, greasing, and even replacing the bottom bracket, my frustration increased because the sounds grew louder.

It turns out that although it was tight enough to secure the wheels in its position, the quick rear release lacked the tightness. But when I tightened this particular part, the noise was gone immediately.

Multiple bike parts can also create a clicking or squeaking sound apart from the bottom bracket. A lousy pedal can also produce unnecessary noise, and the crank arm generally slips on the crank.

When the bottom bracket cartridge shifts inside the housing, it can also produce a clicking sound because the cup is not tight enough. More importantly, it can make the cup wear out quickly and be a bigger future problem. A loose chainring can also produce a squeaking or clicking sound.

So, when it comes to noise, there are other parts that you need to check aside from the bottom bracket. You can also check the chainring bolts, the saddle trails, and the seat post clamp. You can also consider the pedal bearings as a possible source of clicking sounds.


If you are asking why my bottom bracket clicks, there are possible reasons behind the annoying sounds. In this article, you have learned the reason behind the clicking sound and the possible ways to eliminate it. There are also other components of the bike that can produce a squeaking sound when they are damaged.

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